Cultivating Greatness: PROFESSIONALISM

The viability of an organization such as ours hinges upon VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY and FUNDING: elements that make us effective and keep us strong. We constantly promote the “N”SF and our Project GRADY-RAYAM brand for a growing national audience. We hire staff and recruit persons for service on our Board of Directors whose talents and abilities provide leadership, governance and oversight. And we make use of sound practices and the expertise of a qualified professional to coordinate efforts for raising the money needed to directly underwrite service programs and offset operating costs. All of it contributes to our SUCCESS.

RUDOLPH C. CLEARE is Executive Vice President to the “Negro Spiritual” Scholarship Foundation and Management Director for our Project GRADY-RAYAM programs. He holds the Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Meinrad College, and the Master of Divinity degree (with specialties in Theology, Homiletics and Education) from Saint Meinrad Graduate School of Theology, both in Indiana. Skilled as an orator, speechwriter, rhetorician and teacher of communications theory, he shows great insight regarding how language works in human consciousness. Ordained a Roman Catholic priest, Cleare served in public ministry from 1983-1998, and directed the Office of Black Community Ministry and Haitian Community Ministry for the Diocese of Orlando from 1986-1997. He is well-versed in matters related to race and ethnicity in the social context, and consults widely in this arena. An accomplished poet, Cleare displays a passion for the sound of the human voice, studying avidly the dynamics of both public speaking and singing. He is widely recognized as an authority with regard to the America’s Negro spiritual song tradition, and is a leader in the practical application of vocal arts education to curricula for youth development.

Rudolph C. Cleare
PO BOX 547728
Orlando, FL 32854-7728
Office: 407/841-6773
Cell: 407/687-2635
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