Cultivating Greatness: INTEGRITY

Art is a reflection of human culture, and the assurance of its continuance. The “Negro Spiritual” Scholarship Foundation (“NS”SF) uses art, most especially the medium of music, to communicate a message that moves audiences while sharpening their sensibilities. We believe the meanings and messages found in the treasury of Negro spiritual songs can inspire societies to be better, and to do better. We’ve been a dynamic presence in Central Florida for the past 20 years, offering culturally rich experiences to entire communities, and providing winning students with unique opportunities for learning, performance, and professional development as budding artists. We inspire excellence in young people with education programs that enhance musicianship skills, provide mentorship, promote performance readiness and award scholastic assistance grants. In fact, since 1997 our Foundation has awarded more than $300,000 in scholastic assistance grants to 81 college-going students. Seen in this light, “NS”SF not only chronicles the past, we also serve as a path to the future.To effectively fulfill our mission and maintain operations the Foundation relies on robust ‘give-and-get’ Board activity, corporate partnerships that underwrite vital outreach/education programs, sustained giving by major donors, a series of annual fundraising events, and the generosity of many, many individuals willing to support our efforts. We offer Board members and other donors opportunities to fulfill their philanthropic goals, and gain the satisfaction of knowing they have contributed to an agency that asks aggressively, spends wisely and monitors its finances closely. We are in compliance with nonprofit industry measures and standards for agency audit & review, with federal and state registration and certification regulations, and with profile requirements set forth by the Central Florida Foundation – our region’s leading development and monitoring resource for nonprofits. Despite nearly a decade of protracted weakness in the national economy that made fundraising especially difficult for groups dedicated to classical performing arts, heritage education or cultural preservation, we’ve emerged from that recession fully stabilized and poised to pursue future prosperity.